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Different Kinds of Facial Hair by Sean Matthew

If you are one of the lucky few blessed with perfect jaw lines, cheeks and an upper lip, sporting a facial hair in your case is a must since you will be perfect in having one. Knowing how to properly care for these types of hair can be tricky and confusing.

The Influence of Culture on Facial Hair!

by Sarah H

Many people tend to think that women are the only ones who allow popular culture to influence how they look. Oh contraire my dear; look close enough and you'll notice that men are just as susceptible to the whims and fancies of the latest styles. Sure women are more obvious with it since hair, make-up and clothes are particularly noticed, but men, to a very large extent, reflect the trends of the day.

3 Types of Facial Cuts for Men by Tridipta Ghosh

Whether you want a full beard or a little facial hair, there are several tips you need to acknowledge and follow. There are many different shaver accessories that can be used to obtain a certain appearance.

Popular Beard Styles

For Black Men

Popular Beard Styles

For Black Men

By Richa Khandel


Keeping a beard has become a trendy fashion today. There are many popular beard styles of black men who have always drawn inspiration from people who are not hesitant to push the boundaries. These unique styles help them to have an attractive personality. No matter which style you want to choose to complete your look, it is important to match it with your face shape and body to make sure that it looks good on you. There are so many types of beards of black men that you will have to find out which will add more value to your look and style. You should also take care that your hair style also matches with the chosen beard style. Here are some of the unique choices to experiment with to see which one looks the best on you: Full - In the past, this used to be the favorite beard style for black men of the senior class. This classic style has made a comeback in recent years and has become popular among people of all ages. The best thing about this style is that it can go with any face, regardless of the haircut and hair growth pattern. Five O'clock -This is the perfect three day old beard that can make one look irresistible. It gives the appearance of the five o'clock shadow. In this style, the cheeks and the neck need to be shaved daily to master the look. Beard shampoo and oil can be used for a shiny look. You can trim the beard every three days to maintain the irresistible look. Goatee- This is one of the most popular beard styles for black men. You can sculpt it in different ways to get the desired look. It is a small beard under the chin and can take several forms. Van Dyke- Derived from the name of the famous Flemish portrait artist Anthony Van Dyck, this style consists of a straight beard on the chin and a mustache not connected to the lips. Chin Curtain- Grow a full beard and shave the mustache to get this style. You can also trim down the cheeks post too following the jaws in a linear way. Mutton Chops- This is considered to be the most daring style. For this, you need to allow the hair on the sideburns to grow longer, denser and larger and shave the chin area, the mustache and the soul patch. There are many other beard styles for black men like, short boxed, crusader, chocolate, duck tail, mid-range stubble, Garibaldi, circle, shaved, tight and chin curtain with mustache. There are many

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Popular Beard Styles For Black Men

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